BizVal is the result of three South African professionals joining forces in 2021 to solve a simple but critical problem: how can entrepreneurs and small accounting firms get a reasonable approximation of the value of businesses at an affordable price?

We didn’t invent the online valuation tool. We just made it better. We made it simpler in the front-end and more detailed in the back-end where the calculation engine works its magic. This gives you the best possible estimate of the valuation of your business without making the inputs too complicated.

With combined experience in dealmaking and corporate strategy of over 70 years, the founders have seen the full process of value creation from the formation of a startup through to an eventual exit or substantial capital raise.  BizVal is the tool that lets you access this expertise for a lower cost than just one hour of time of a junior analyst in a top-tier firm.

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Graham Stephen

Graham is a CA(SA) with two decades of experience in financial services, including years of involvement with startups and business development activities for large and small entities.

With experience across several countries, Graham’s biggest frustration is services that are too complicated and too expensive for entrepreneurs. Co-founding bizval was a direct response to that friction in the market.

When he isn’t helping businesses address their challenges, Graham can be found on the racing simulator or planning his return to motorsport.

Howard Blake

Howard is a lawyer, but he prefers to be thought of as a serial entrepreneur who refuses to let his recent 60th birthday stop him. Having founded more than 20 startups and with four decades of experience on boards of companies, his largest company employs 1,800 staff and serves three continents.

Having spent fortunes on valuations from top-tier firms, Howard now believes firmly in the 80-20 principle for valuations and co-founded bizval as a result. With a strong focus on the cash flows and enjoying every business he is involved with, Howard sometimes drags himself away from his desk to drive cars on racetracks. Quickly.

The Finance Ghost

A pseudonym. An alter ego. Call it what you will; in a short space of time, The Finance Ghost has become a household name in South African financial media.

A CA(SA) by profession and anonymous by choice, The Finance Ghost is the managing editor of InceConnect, the founder of Ghost Mail (over 9,000 organic subscribers), the co-founder of the Magic Markets podcast and a columnist for leading publications like Financial Mail and Daily Maverick.

After spending six years in corporate finance advising companies on mergers and acquisitions, he was responsible for developing the bizval algorithm. When he isn’t writing about the markets, he’s usually doing silly things with cars or responsible things with his family.