Be your clients’ broker when they are buying or selling businesses

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Selling businesses. The principle of willing buyer and willing seller is a firmly entrenched principle in modern society. But buying and selling a business is not like buying and selling a loaf of bread.

Firstly, one must determine what a fair price or value is, whether you are a buyer or a seller, and only then do the negotiations start.

As a trusted advisors you can walk the journey with your client from price determination, through to accounting and tax treatment of the sale or purchase of a business.


  • Assist clients in evaluating business opportunities – either buying or selling businesses


  • An objective partner will allow your client to get the best deal and ensure they don’t overpay for a business or undervalue the business that they are selling


  • Clients who are buying or selling businesses


  • Use bizval to perform benchmark price for sales or purchase evaluations
  • Assist client identifying whether or not potential purchases or sales represent a good deal
  • Charge for the valuation – place an additional mark-up on the bizval report

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