Business made Simple with bizval on CCFM107.5 – Episode 1

Join Graham Stephen, the entrepreneurial mind behind bizval, as he brings his wealth of experience to the airwaves. As a seasoned expert in elevating businesses of varying scales, Graham now shares his insights on “Business Made Simple with bizval,” a compelling new segment on CCFM107.5’s In-Season show, hosted by the dynamic Sakhe.

Tune into the inaugural episode via the link below, and continue to enrich your mid-weeks—every Wednesday at 10:15 AM SAST, for an enlightening five-week series. Graham will unravel the complexities of business, offering actionable advice straight from the industry’s forefront.

What’s more, listeners have the exclusive chance to win a complimentary business valuation from bizval just by tuning in.

Set your reminders for this unparalleled blend of expertise and opportunity – it’s an engagement that promises to reshape the way you view business strategy!