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December beckons – what should you be doing about it?

December beckons bizval

For entrepreneurs in the Southern Hemisphere, the December period coincides with summer holidays. The festive season is inevitably the time of year when corporates shut down, most people take leave and businesses focused on entertainment, tourism or retail have their busiest time of year. In the Northern Hemisphere, the festive season is of course incredibly…

Selling your business? You need time and objectivity in the process.

Selling your business

Co-founder and CEO Graham Stephen regularly shares his insights gleaned from discussions with clients and real-world challenges faced by founders and business owners. If you think your favourite sports team in a world cup can give you an emotional rollercoaster, then you haven’t tried to sell your business yet. After you’ve poured your heart, soul…

How do I make my business valuable?

How do I make my business valuable

Every entrepreneur ponders this question at some stage in the journey. After all, the difference between building a valuable business and having glorified self-employment is the creation of generational wealth. If the carrot of generational wealth doesn’t work, then you can think about the stick instead. If a business cannot be sold, it actually becomes…

Valuing a company

valuing a company

Valuing a company or valuing a business is made easier by a business valuation calculator. The correct company valuation methods to use are those that are accepted by the market and used by buyers and sellers of companies alike. To value a company or value a business, the key is to consider the financial metrics…

Small business valuation

small business valuation

Our small business valuation calculator can value a business of any size, provided it is profitable or has a path to profitability. This is because our valuation methodology considers past and future earnings, as well as the associated financial risks. Our small business valuation methods include discounted cash flow analysis as well as market multiples…

bizval, your business valuation service specialists

business valuation service

When navigating the complex world of business, understanding the worth of your enterprise is crucial. This is where bizval, an innovative online business valuation service, steps in. In this blog, we’re going to delve deep into the essence of business valuations, why they’re essential, and how bizval stands out in this domain. Why business valuations…