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The importance of working capital for your business

Online Business Valuations working capital for your business

These insights were provided by Geddes Capital. They understand importance when working capital for SMEs along with associated challenges faced trying to effectively manage cash flows. Their financing options are flexible, creative and solution-driven. Geddes Capital can assist your business in freeing up valuable working capital through several services such as bridge funding, invoice discounting,…

Demystifying the Art and Science of Business Valuations with bizval Founders

business valuations webinar Art and Science of Business Valuations

Art and Science of Business Valuations In a recent webinar, the founders of bizval, Graham Stephen and The Finance Ghost, explain why valuations are both an art and a science. Watch the webinar below which works through some key principles and insights on valuation methodologies and how founders can build more valuable companies. Stick around…

How It Works

bizval valuation how to

Peek behind the curtain and see how the bizval tool works in this video. Using the example of a pizzeria, The Finance Ghost takes you through each of the questions and shows you what the final report looks like. You may end up feeling hungry and you’ll certainly end up feeling inspired to value your business with bizval.