Create a tax, retirement and succession plan for your client

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As the saying goes, there are 2 things in life that are certain – Death and taxes. None of us really wants to think about those things. However, having a plan to prepare and ensure that our loved ones aren’t left in the lurch is important. Owning a business complicates this and understanding the value embedded in the business, both with and without the owner being involved is crucial.


  • Ensure that your clients’ leave a legacy even when they move on from their business
  • Offer retirement, tax and succession planning advice


  • Small businesses are often dependent on the founder and owner – For a business to have enduring value, there needs to be a separation of the business and the person
  • Founders often become trapped in the business without a way to slowdown as they get older


  • Businesses where owners are nearing retirement age, wanting to emigrate, or generally just wanting to be proactive around managing their affairs


  • Hold 2-3 engagements with your client
  • Process
    • Discuss their needs and requirements
    • Perform a baseline valuation using bizval
    • Understand the drivers of exit valuation
      • Is there successor in place?
      • Can the business run without the owner?
      • What are the implications from a CGT and estate planning perspective?
      • Does the owner have sufficient keyman insurance in place?
    • Create a plan, with the valuation giving a guide as to the financial requirements
      • Structure tax affairs appropriately
      • Develop succession plan
      • Facilitate Key man insurance

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