Have a growth conversation with your client

growth conversation
Growth conversation? Entrepreneurs are often great at spotting opportunities and developing solutions to meet a need in the market. However, they are often time poor and don’t always take a step back to look at their businesses more strategically. By having a growth strategy conversation with your client, you can be their trusted advisor and thinking partner to help them take their business to the next level.


  • Move the conversation with your clients beyond the usual Tax, VAT, Payroll and cash flow discussion
  • Assist your client in developing a growth strategy


  • Most entrepreneurs want to grow – They want to be rewarded for their efforts
  • They trust you as their accountants and who better than you to take a step back with them and plan a simple growth strategy?


  • Offer this to ambitious owners – your top 25% of growth business


  • Hold 2-3 engagements / meetings with your client
  • Process
    • Perform a baseline valuation using bizval
    • Identify the key levers of growth in the business
    • Run 2-3 valuation scenarios based on these levers
    • Discuss the outcomes with your client
    • Based on outcomes, agree on execution plan

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