Is your business for sale? Maybe it doesn’t matter.

Valuations aren’t just for businesses that are for sale. Building a business is a journey, not a destination. The same is true for value creation.

We make it easy. We make it affordable. We make it fast – it takes less than 10 minutes to answer the questions and get an instant valuation. This means that you can get regular updates on your value creation journey, years before you may choose to sell your business.


Investment banking quality. Small business pricing.

Built by experienced financial professionals with years of experience in investment banking and advisory services, our algorithm doesn’t skimp on quality. We just don’t think that valuations should be unaffordable or too complicated.

The goal? An accurate approximation of the value of your business. The approach? Asking you approximately 25 questions that help us understand the numbers, your growth expectations and other key metrics required for us to value your company.

Get Started How Valuations Work

How does it work?

Determining the value of a business is an art and a science. Our paintbrushes and calculators are ready.

You don’t need to be an accountant to use our bizval Live valuation tool. We will need to ask you about the income and expenses in your business of course, but you probably have the answers close at hand. In case you don’t, it’s easy to save your progress and come back later.

Get Started How Valuations Work
business valuations

A scoreboard and a target.

How can you optimise your value creation process as an entrepreneur if you don’t know what the value of your business is?

First, you need to get on the scoreboard. A valuation tells you where you are today. Then, you need to think about the future. Our scenario tool helps you figure out where you might be tomorrow if you take certain steps in the business. We call this managing for value – the way the pros do it in the world’s biggest companies. Now, that way of thinking is available and affordable.

Get Started How Valuations Work

Is your situation more complicated? Or do you want more comfort?

Is your situation more complicated?
Or do you want more comfort?

Is your situation more complicated? Or do you want more comfort?

We’ve tried hard to build the bizval Live algorithm in such a way that it can handle most situations. Of course, like relationships, sometimes it’s…complicated.

Our bizval Concierge service gives your valuation a personal touch. Prepared by the founders of bizval and using your recent financial statements and management accounts, we make it even easier for you to get a valuation that takes into account your specific circumstances.

And just like bizval Live, we’ve priced it for accessibility.

Get Started How Valuations Work

We love working with partners.

Accountants. Attorneys. Technology solution providers. Wealth managers. Business advisors, investors and lenders. Lend us your ears.

The technical services you provide to your clients may vary, but one thing is consistent: every entrepreneur is curious about the value being created every day. We welcome conversations about how the bizval tool can be plugged into your client base either alongside your service offering or distinct from it.

Contact us to discuss your ideas.

Get Started How Valuations Work
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Chas PJChas PJ
10:30 02 Jan 23
The Bizval valuation tool creates a pretty good picture of the value of your business in a short period of time. It only takes a few minutes to complete (if you have your numbers at hand), and the result is as quick as the click of your mouse button. Obviously there are many parameters to consider when valuing a business, and as owners, we always think our values are higher than anyone else. A good indication though as a place to start is achieved using this tool. Highly recommended.
Daylin-Boyd GibbonsDaylin-Boyd Gibbons
10:56 06 Dec 22
The Bizval team was very helpful in getting to a valuation. Service was great and they took into consideration industry factors. Great way to get outside valuation perspective!
John HarrisJohn Harris
15:08 13 Oct 22
bizval is a simple to use and cost-effective valuation tool which produces an instant, easy to understand result. Over time, it will help businesses owners to better understand the impact of various business drivers and key metrics on the value of the business.Great solution all round!
Kyle BosmanKyle Bosman
11:37 13 Oct 22
It was a relatively simple system to use. I found the outcome of the valuations to be more accurate than other valuation tools used previously due to the additional infomation extracted during the valuation process.
Graeme GawlerGraeme Gawler
09:33 08 Oct 22
It has been a great experience to work with BizVal on our company valuation needs, the webinaars are brief and to the point and easy to understand the content. The software is easy to navigate and provides a great valuation report. The support on my queries has been detailed, informative and the knowledge share is priceless.
Paul HoytePaul Hoyte
14:29 07 Oct 22
Excellent business valuation tool. Gives you great insight as to where your business is placed financially. Impressed at it's ease of use and accuracy. A neat tool for business owners to understand their company value.
Rob PecheRob Peche
06:25 05 Oct 22
Great valuation tool at a price entrepreneurs can afford. The Concierge offering is particularly useful for those who prefer to get some help with the process.