We value your company #1: Meet the bizval team

In the first episode of the bizval show, we introduce you to the founding team behind the business: Howard Blake, Graham Stephen and The Finance Ghost.

After explaining our professional backgrounds, we discussed how we came together to start bizval and why we did it. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we have great empathy for what founders go through in starting, growing and possibly selling a business or bringing in an investor.

Welcome to the bizval show – we love having you here.

We value your company #2: Business valuation secrets

The truth of it is that business valuations are complicated things.

This is exactly why bizval was created – to simplify the process into an easy-to-use engine that still brings in the numerous technical elements of a professional valuation.

In this episode, we share the secrets behind improving the valuation of your business. We explain some of the technical concepts in a way that any entrepreneur can understand, helping you unlock value and grow your wealth.

We know how hard it is to grow a business. Our passion lies in making sure that you get paid a fair price for it.

And if you are considering buying another business, this episode will help you understand what the key drivers of value are and where to focus your financial due diligence efforts.

We value your company #3: Managing for value

Although a valuation becomes a necessity when there’s a deal on the table, regular valuations can really help an entrepreneur in a journey of business growth and wealth creation. By giving yourself a scoreboard either annually or even every six months, you’ll know if you are on track and meeting your value creation goals.

In addition to these concepts, we used this episode to give more insights into the world of dealmaking and how these insights have been incorporated into the model.

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely and at times overwhelming journey. By using bizval as a compass, you can give some context to those late nights and tough weekends that every founder has experienced.