We value your company #25: Adventures in venture capital (Jeff Erickson, serial founder and director at Forecastr)

Jeff Erickson may currently be with Forecastr, but he has done many things leading up to this point.

After a few minutes of talking about the overlap of sport and business (Jeff’s two great passions), host The Finance Ghost and Jeff discussed how a hobby business became a substantial consumer-facing operation that was eventually sold to a private equity firm. As is sadly so often the case, the acquirer subsequently drove the company into the ground.

Nevertheless, Jeff moved on to work and invest in startups. With so much experience behind him, there’s much to learn from Jeff and the path he has travelled in his life. For those looking to sell or buy businesses, or just get insight into the world of venture capital and startups, this is a great podcast.

You can connect with Jeff on LinkedIn here.